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What are the K Beauty (Korean Beauty) Standards

by Andrew Duran on November 30, 2021

Korean beauty (k-beauty) is one of the most coveted, sought after, and copied-beauty, health, skin care practices and recipes in the world, to this day

Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) is always evolving and innovating to satiate the high demands for fundamental K-Beauty products around the world!
Thousands of beauty brands are competing for market share yet K-Beauty brands remain at the forefront of the beauty world.
What makes Korean beauty products better than most other products?
Let's see why..
Cosmetics in Korea always originated with good skin being glorified.
During cold winters, people would often apply lard to soften and protect their skin from getting frostbites.
Having healthy, soft, and natural skin was considered to be the most beautiful as it shows traits of modesty and prudence to constitute inner beauty.
Women from middle class families did not stray far from appearing natural while using light amounts of natural and spontaneous makeup rather than thick makeup which was common in other parts of Asia such as Japan and China.
Based on tradition, Koreans only used natural and harsh-free ingredients to create the clear, glowy, and natural-looking skin through multiple generations that made K-Beauty products better and so popular today.
Natural Korean makeup can still be made today for people to try at home by making your very own face mask.
Today, Korean face masks are made of cotton pads that have been soaked and infused with natural and active skin-rejuvenating ingredients.
With these ingredients, the moisture locks onto your skin to help keep your skin soft and hydrating the entire day.
Saplaya offers natural, high-quality and affordable face masks that suits all different types of skin.
According to a museum curator Lee Ji-Sun from Coreana Cosmetics museum,
"Many people think the current makeup is different from that of the past. But it's not that different in terms of ingredients and order, particularly its quest for beauty."
Korean beauty products use much gentler formulas thanks to the Korean tradition of using natural, unique, and harsh-free ingredients passed through multiple generations.
These ingredients can include:
Ground mung beans were popularly used to make soap for facial washes and baths due to its exfoliant properties and high vitamin E content.
Rice was used to create scrubs with sea salt as a gentle cleanser for improving women skin. It also helps with toning the skin to achieve firm and supple skin.
Ginseng contains full of antioxidants and anti-aging properties to create a variety of cosmetic uses to appear young and healthier.
Green Tea has many medicinal properties for achieving healthier skin due to its detoxifying properties and creating a calming sensation throughout the body.
Tumeric is a popular ingredient used as masks to ward off signs of aging by reducing lines and wrinkles.
Korean culture has an emphasis on being your best self regardless of the situation, so caring for your appearances is equally as important.
K-Beauty products focus more on creating smooth, brightening, and near-perfect skin whilst using minimal makeup.
One of our most popular and highly-rated products is our It's U Skin Perfecting HD Concealer with formula that is paraben-free and helps in creating a smooth and flawless look without creasing.

Based on tradition, Koreans only used natural and harsh-free ingredients to create the clear, glowy, and natural-looking skin through multiple generations that made K-Beauty products better and so popular today. Natural Korean makeup can still be made today for people to try at home by making your very own face mask.

For example a good lip formula should be:

Enriched with the oils of Castor, Coconut, Wheat Germ and Carrot and the extracts of Sweet Indrajao, Lip Balm protects your lips against the drying effects of the cold, wind and central heating.

Key ingredients:

  • Castor Oil is used externally to relieve various inflammatory skin conditions. It is helpful in treating sunburn, acne, dry skin, boils, warts and stretch marks.
  • Carrot Seed Oil contains Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene which is essential for tissue growth in the body. Carrot is an excellent natural antioxidant, which slows down the aging process by scavenging free radicals.
  • Wheat Germ Oil is a rich source of natural Vitamin E which nourishes the skin and prevents moisture loss. It tones and softens the lips and exhibits potent antioxidant activity.
  • Sweet Indrajao leaves are used in various skin disorders including herpes. Its astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it ideal to treat a broad range of skin disorders.
  • Coconut Oil extract is an effective emollient and can be used externally for softening lips. In addition, it is an effective moisturizer for all skin types including dry skin. Coconut Oil can delay the onset of wrinkles and sagging skin which typically become prominent with age. The oil also helps in treating various skin conditions including psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

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